DRUNKEN PRESS SECRETARY: Moses Ekpo’s SSA on media drinks to stupor-Beaten up by two prostitutes


The Senior Special Assistant on media and press secretary to Mr. Moses Ekpo Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State Pastor Ekikere Umoh yesterday in Uyo precisely at about 9:28pm was beaten to pulp by two commercial sex workers who clashed on his head.

The ugly incident took place at a road side bar/eatery along Aka road opposite Maldini Marbles close to former AKBC in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital.

Ekikere Umoh who is a preacher with Insight Bible Church was dressed in a somewhat checked shirt and arrived the joint by few minutes to eight pm with a fair skinned lady who is approximately in her early twenties.

The Deputy Governor’s press secretary upon arrival had begun ordering for Beer and small stout with pepper soup and rice for himself and his young love partner.

Trouble however started when another woman in her late thirties stormed the road side joint and walked straight to the table that accommodated Ekikere Umoh and his lover. The intruding woman spoke very harsh and looked very unfriendly.

She asked Ekikere who the lady who sat before and with him is, without waiting for the answer she fired again, so na the meeting were you come get be this? Who is this little rat, no be you tell me say u dey go meeting with ur oga? Today edon be for you. She screamed charging towards the embarrassed press secretary.

The younger lover had to quickly fight back and queried who the intruder was. Before Umoh could say a word, he was pushed through dragging, his table scattered and bottles broken as a result of the scuffle between the two women on who will sleep with the already drunk Ekikere Umoh that night. His cloth was torn and dirtied.

The press secretary to Moses Ekpo at this time was already pleading for mercy and was calling for help. When the younger lady discovered that the older lady was determined to create more problems, she took to her heels shouting Idiot, God punish you, old woman, old fool, mumu.

Attempts by Ekikere Umoh to sneak out of this melee met with yet another stiff resistance as the older lady with so much fury again, dragged him by the trousers saying simply because I no come on time, you go carry Ashawo, come dey deceive me say you go meeting with your oga. Today you must settle me, you must pay me no go come back.

This ugly drama attracted customers and passersby that rushed to the scene with a view to settling the matter. At this time eye witnesses confirmed that the disgraced Press Secretary of Sex was busy begging and pleading, please don’t embarrass me, I am a public figure.

Please take her away so that she does not kill me. I will pay her, I am sorry, I am begging. Please do not tell anyone. Please, I beg you please.

This plea from Umoh did not stop the woman from spitting more attack. She explained that she is the girlfriend of Pastor Ekikere Umoh and that Umoh had called her. She said when the call from Umoh got to her that she was attending to another issue in Ewet Housing.

She said, she however promised to get back to pastor Umoh by 8:00pm, a decision she said Ekikere Umoh agreed to.

She said that when she was ready, she had called Ekikere Umoh who started jonsing her and at a time refused to take her calls leaving her with no other option than to come to the road side joint where herself and Ekikere usually hang out and then caught him red handed after causing her to stand down her engagements for the night. She insisted that Ekikere Umoh must pay her for the loss he has made her incur that night.

A customer at the road side joint who gave his name as Tupac confirmed that Ekikere Umoh is a regular at the road side bar and that the Pastor usually comes with the older woman and expressed surprise that the Deputy Governor’s press secretary came with a different one that day. He described the incident as unfortunate.

DRUNKEN PRESS SECRETARY- Moses Ekpo’s SSA on media drinks to stupor-Beaten up by two prostitutes

Meanwhile, Ekikere even while he was drunk was made to pay fifty thousand naira to the woman who caused trouble in the road side bar as some parts of settlement. The fifty thousand naira was in a bundle of five hundred naira each.

He was also made to pay the peacemakers the sum of twenty five thousand naira while his food customer told him not to worry paying her for now until he returns when he has recovered.

Meanwhile some Sisters from Insight Bible church have confirmed on how Pastor Umoh has been making advances over them.

This position was also confirmed by some female staff in the office of the Deputy Governor.

Some members of Staff of Pioneer Newspapers where Ekikere last worked before being posted to the Deputy Governor say Pastor Umoh is fond of doing such.

They confirmed that in the days of Ekikere Umoh with Pioneer, he used to have sex with women especially interns and job seekers in his office.

It is however worried that the Press Secretary to the Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State could condescend that low to be embarrassed in public.



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