Greenspeer shoutdown: Full Text From Admin

greenspeer crash
greenspeer crash

On the quest to rescue our dear country from her economy quagmire, we built Greenspeer as a platform, for users to raise funds via donations to one another for startups and expansion of small scale businesses so that the rate of unemployment would reduce significantly.

We faced many challenges (Monetary and man-power) whilst building the platform but we conquered. We thought that was the end to our problems until we launched the website and we started facing many cyber-attacks from different angles, we once asked, “why would anyone want to bring down a platform like this?” we are yet to get an answer to that question till date. We fought tirelessly to defend our beloved platform from falling and yet again, we conquered but this time around our dear users have to go through some challenges before they gain access to the website but our dogged users never gave up on Greenspeer as they always fight their ways into the website and also bring new users to keep the system growing. We appreciate our faithful users that advertised Greenspeer on Whatsapp, Telegram, web pages and radio stations for their never ending efforts to see the mental picture of Greenspeer painted in reality.

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Sadly, with all our efforts to see this platform stand and to see many startups and expansion of small businesses with the help of Greenspeer, there are some Bad, Greedy, Corrupt and debased Nigerians that have decided to converge all the donated money only to themselves by rejecting other members that have donated to them because they know the system will always pair them with new donors. Also in the same group are untruthful donors that upload fake prove of donation; these two acts are erasing the bright picture Greenspeer is painting. We tried everything within our power to control the evil acts but we noticed it keeps increasing every day and many innocent donors were rejected and deprived the opportunity to share in the dream of Greenspeer. Although we are happy to be among the fastest growing website in Nigeria but is so sad that many of our members have been deactivated even after making donations.

Apart from rejection of authentic donations and fake prove of donation issues, we noticed that many members’ accounts were hijacked by some people that impersonated Greenspeer. The impersonators requested members to send their login details to an email and many members ignorantly sent their login details thereby losing their accounts to the imposters. Our analysis shows that few people are controlling many Greenspeer accounts and these people are making huge amount of money that is meant to be shared between many Greenspeer members.

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In conclusion, our intension for Nigerians may have seemingly been defeated and we cannot continue to pretend as if everything is okay knowing well that all is not well: we want to live by our members’ happiness not by their agony. Due to the stated challenges which is beyond our control, Greenspeer is on hibernation until a solution is gotten to solve all the challenges our users are creating on the platform.

God Bless Nigeria!

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