The news of the disqualification of ‘Engr.’ Uju Kingsley Chima from the contest for the Ohaji-Egbema/Oguta/Oru-West Federal Constituency by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) hit the Imo political landscape like a thunderbolt and was greeted with mixed feelings.

‘Engr.’ Uju Kingsley Chima, whose academic and professional qualifications are still subject of controversy, is a fortunate young man who had his kernels broken by benevolent gods. He found favour in the eyes of His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha (OON), and the Governor, quite uncharacteristically, showered him with mindboggling privileges to the consternation of those who had sacrificed heavily for Rescue Mission but who were neglected and denied.

He first surfaced on the Imo political space when Governor Okorocha appointed him his Deputy Chief of Staff (Operations) immediately after assumption of office for his second and final tenure. His appointment to such a strategic position caught not a few by surprise considering that he was not a known member of the Rescue Mission political family and he made no significant, if any, contribution to the re-election of Governor Okorocha. Nonetheless, his kith and kin from the oil producing areas rejoiced with him and were excited that one of them would now be part of decision making as an inner circle member of the government. ‘Engr.’ Uju would later hold (in addition to the D-CoS) other strategic and lucrative official and unofficial positions.

Those in the know posit that next to Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, ‘Engr.’ Uju was the most empowered member of the governor’s political family. Within a short time, he became stupendously affluent and powerful such that he has a strong control on the levers of powers and determines who gets what especially for people from the oil producing areas.

However, rather than use his privileged position to rally major stakeholders from the oil region and galvanize them into a powerful political orchestra adequately equipped to extract maximum benefit for their people, ‘Engr.’ Uju embarked on a well crafted vicious operation Pull Him Down programme. He maliciously tarnished the reputation of influential politicians from his area before the governor and ensured that they lost the governor’s trust, confidence and consequently, favours.

Having amassed so much billions, Uju began to dream of political conquest. He saw the House of Representatives seat for Ohaji-Egbema/Oguta/Oru-West Federal Constituency as his birthright come 2019. Those whom he suspected of having House of Reps ambition became the target of his vicious pull him down drive. Rt. Hon. (Pharm) Donatus Ozoemena and Prince Dr. Henry Uzor Okafor were the most hit. He saw the immediate past Deputy Speaker and the Ossemoto crown prince as his major stumbling blocks to securing the All Progressives Congress (APC) ticket and therefore must be cut to size.

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He employed every conceivable subterfuge to emasculate the duo politically and financially, break them down and render them incapable of mounting any challenge to his aspiration. Convinced that Pharm Ozoemena had no interest in the position, or has been sufficiently subdued, he concentrated all his attention on Prince Okafor. Loyalists of the Ossemoto Prince in the federal constituency were coerced to switch allegiance and those who resisted were persecuted. Some of his properties were confiscated and sold by ‘Engr.’ Uju using the instrumentality of his office. Prince Okafor was finally hounded and frustrated out of the Rescue Mission government and the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Uju being a political neophyte in the area knew that the odds tilted heavily against him in a contest with those who already have firmly entrenched political structures. But he was desperate for the post and was not ready to brook any opposition. Every grass standing on his way must be uprooted. His activities heated the polity so much that a concerned former IGP and respected leader from the area, Chief Mike Okiro convened a peace parley for all candidates running for election from the area. Uju shunned the peace parley.

He has the strong backing of the Executive Governor and all the paraphernalia of that office. He has billions of naira to throw around and was ready to buy anybody and anything that has a price tag. He has an array of militiamen to cause mayhem and suppress any dissenting voice. He has everything seemingly factored and figured out. But quite unfortunately, he forgot or neglected the GOD FACTOR.

While ‘Engr.’ Uju was still celebrating the exit of his assumed nightmare from the APC, the incumbent House of Reps member, Rt. Hon. Good luck Nanah Opiah joined the APC and was handed the ticket on a platter of gold. Uju scowled, wailed and protested to no avail. While this was going on, Prince Dr Henry Okafor secured unopposed the ticket of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA). Uju was mad and hysterical. He could not bear the fact that Prince Okafor will be on the ballot while he will not. Peer envy and sibling jealousy fueled his desperation and propelled him to series of irrational decisions.

It was public knowledge that while his Agburu political family were still pondering on their next move, Uju moved ahead to ‘buy’ the ticket of the Democratic Alliance (DA). He had billions and could even buy the party if he desires. When his group finally decided to pitch tent with the Action Alliance (AA), Uju again secured the ticket of the Action Alliance (AA) making him a candidate of both the DA and AA for the same election in flagrant violation of the electoral laws.

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Having made sure of his nomination for the election, Uju continued with his persecution of Prince Dr. Henry Uzor Okafor and his loyalists. He could not comprehend the fact the Prince Okafor is still in the race despite all the machinations to break him down. He could not comprehend the fact that Prince Okafor’s camp keep swelling and his popularity keep soaring high despite the persecutions. What he never knew is that, unlike him that put his trust on his billions, militiamen and state government backing, Prince Dr. Henry Uzor Okafor anchored his aspiration on a potent alliance with Christ hence his campaign organization is divinely named Christ Alliance.

‘Engr.’ Uju’s possibly last ditch effort in his attempt to breakdown Prince Okafor and stampede him out of the race was the cruel demolition of his country home in Ossemoto in what commentators described as a new low in man’s inhumanity to man. Although, Uju had put up a feeble denial of involvement in the dastardly act but every available evidence point to his direction. The statements credited to one Emma Onwuegbu, who signs out as the deputy director of media of Uju’s campaign organization and Joe Chimezie who is Uju’s Personal Assistant on media on the demolished property erase any doubt that Uju and his team know more than they are ready to admit about the demolition exercise.

With the official disqualification of ‘Engr.’ Uju Kingsley Chima from the race for Ohaji-Egbema/Oguta/Oru-West Federal Constituency, his desperation and plans have come to nought. The Uju Reality Mandate may be hard-pressed to accept the reality but any belief that the situation can be remedied will be opening a business channel for some smart conmen.

His ordeal should serve as an experience to politicians not to neglect the GOD FACTOR in their plans, permutations and projections. That when you are blocking and blackmailing perceived political opponents, as Uju did to Rt.Hon (Pharm) Donatus Ozoemena and Dr, Henry Okafor, you are making what will block and blackmail you inevitable. Uju Kingsley Chima MAY rise again after he might have learnt to reckon with the GOD FACTOR but as for the 2019 race, it is a closed chapter for him.

The irony of it all is that Prince Dr. Henry Uzor Okafor is still in the race and his alliance with Christ still solid and leading him to victory come February, 16, 2019.

Stanley Amugo Writes From Umuagwo, Ohaji/Egbema LGA

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