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greenspeer: making money online in Nigeria

GreenSpeer Nigeria Login, Register Make Money Now lets talk a little about what GreenSpeer Nigeria Login is all about. As the name implies, GreenSpeer is a individual to individual donation platform created to help people financilally by donating for each other.

It is based on  “Give and receive principle. GreenSpeer ( is rated the number one and best donation system in Nigeria . There are several ponzi schemes in Nigeria today but GreenSpeer is the number one because it has solve the limitations and challenges of all the other networking and donation systems in Nigeria like iCharity, Giversforum , Ultimate Cycler ,  PaidRocket, Zarfund and the rest of them .

Experts has revealed that GreenSpeer is a real opportunity of making money effortlessly online in Nigeria . GreenSpeer is a financial social network that works on the matching and pairing principle, what i mean is that members are matched with each other so that they can donate for each other .It has to do with a matter of give and take , no referrals needed and was rolled out in Nigeria on the 19th of December 2016 and thousands and millions of Nigerians are already gaining from from the scheme .nothing like referral link for adding new members to the platform . All you have to do is donate your money to someone and in turn you are paid your money back automatic matching by the system to several persons to pay you into your bank account .

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How GreenSpeer Works

Upgrade to Level 1
Two members will be match with you who will pay you 5k respectively making it 10k.
Donate N5,000 to an upline

Upgrade to Level 2
Donate N5,000 and the system will pair you wit four people who will pay you 5k each making it 20k

Upgrade to Level 3
Donate N 10,000 to an upline the system will pair you with 8 member to pay you N10,000 making it N80,000

Upgrade to Level 4
Donate N 30,000 to an upline the system will match you with ten members to pay you N30,000 each making it N300,000

Upgrade to Level 5
Donate N 100,000 to an upline the system will match you with 10 member to pay you N 100,000 making it N1,000,000

The reason why some of us keep making publications on this, is simply to make everyone financially free. The current economic situation the country is currently facing have turned if not everyone into an economist just as many Arsenal Fans have often called their coach who refuses to splash hugely in the transfer window. Well, the federal government of Nigeria though have come out clean on these business module have not been able to proffer any reasonable ideologies in tackling the economic nemesis we have found ourselves. The president is busy chasing after corrupt officials in the last administration forgetting his primary function as a sitting president.


How To Join GreenSpeer ( Online Registration

→Visit official website on
→Click New Registration
→A form will open in the online page of the website
→Fill in your data like your full name, phone no, email, bank details, password etc
→Click submit
→Now login to the website on with your email and password
→You will automatically be matched to someone donate your N5000 .You are given 48hours or else you will be blocked .
→After you pay, The next thing to do is  to
→Scan the evidence of payment and upload it. Wait for confirmation from the person you paid to.Call the recipient if possible to inform him or her of your payment.

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