Ntia Ntia exposed: The secrets of his miracles


ntia3 Ntia Ntia exposed: The secrets of his miraclesREV. NTIA I. NTIA: REVEALING THE GRACE, POWER AND HIS SECRET OF MIRACLES

By Kuseme Idiong

“Right from the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffered violence and the violent takes it by force”

This is a popular hook at Full Life Christian Centre, a church where men are stirred into the fullness of God.

It was in the month of June, seventeen years ago that a terrible thunder struck in the city of Uyo, written in the sky was “Full Life” – a Christian movement that is torrentially overtaking territories of the world. The word FullLife has fast become a household name in the city of Uyo, Nigeria and beyond.

Full Life as mere English term has grown to become a phenomenon and has over a decade become a term on everyone’s mind associated with supernatural impact, excellence and speed. As it is common in most cases for the masses to forget the adequate pronunciation of corporate nomenclatures, a normal upbeat Christian worshipper in Uyowill prefer to stop over at full life for short, and not care to remember it is short code for Full Life Christian Centre where Rev. Ntia I. Ntia presides.

The preceding might sound as a weeping generalization, but the obvious truth is, Rev. Ntia I. Ntia has a gleaming history that heralds such exceptional strides in our time. As you journey each paragraph of this anecdote to dig into such treasures and unearth the beacons that lifted up the paths that this servant of Godhas threaded, you will find the finger of God working through time to birth His mandate in the life of this great man.

Born on Tuesday the 21st day of March, 1972 at Ikot Ekpene into a Christian home of Dr. and Mrs. Ime Okon Ntia of Ididep Usuk in Ibiono Ibom Local Government area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Rev. Ntia is happily married to Pst. (Mrs) Laurie Ukamaka and they are blessed with Favour, Dunamis and Dominion as God’s heritage. After finishing his nursery and primary education at Holy Child International School in Ikot Ekpene, he later proceeded for his secondary education at Federal Government College in Minna. There at Minna, Rev. Ntia I. Ntia was on fire for deep Godly and spiritual engagement, which was birthing in him. With the burning passion he said, “In the north, my Christian experience was shaped. The Islamic pressure in the north was a furnace for firing up violent Christianity in my spirit”. He has passed under revivalist ministry of great servants of God whose passion for depth in spirituality has affected his life massively.


Ntia later gained admission into the University of Calabar in 1993 not only to study Accounting but to also account for souls, as he would be accountable to God for his own life and the life of sheep left in his care. His overwhelming zeal for God and the burning passion to serve in His vineyard made him an exceptional student. No wonder kingdom minded individuals are particularly high fliers. He had actively involved in the Christian Union School Fellowship and soon became a Pastor in Liberty Gospel Church, Calabar under the leadership of Lady Apostle Helen Ukpabio.

In the road to discovery, the miracle strength of God was made manifest in the life of this servant of God and was evidently seen in the demonstration of power that followed his ministry, as he rightly points that, “I’ve been privileged to drink a lot from the message and ministry materials of great revivalists in the 19th and 20th centuries”. He often talks about contemporary men of God whose teachings, leadership and impartation have helped shape what God is doing through his life and ministry.

Rev. Ntia believes strongly in the role of spiritual fatherhood, and submission to mentoring and ministerial accountability. Notable amongst men of God with diverse graces that have added inspiration and impartation to the call of God upon his life whose mentorship and fatherhood influence have affected the ministerial impact of Rev. Ntia I. Ntia are Dr. & Dr. (Mrs) Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Abuja.

With its spread and speed, what God began seventeen years ago is far reaching the continents of the world, blessing hundreds of nations, thousands of families and millions of lives. The inspirational healing and impartation tool of this great servant of God has been worthwhile, even as he presides over the Full Life Foundation, pioneer of the Fresh Outpouring TV Broadcast, He is an author of numerous books, (I Am Unstoppable, Thomas Was Not There, The Spell Is Broken, Take Back Your Throne, and The Reality of the Holy Spirit) to mentioned a few, including the Fresh Word monthly devotional and first movie premiere of Take Back Your Throne.


With a strong wave of revival and restoration, the lives of God’s people are daily inspired to reach out to God in hunger and thirst, record of testimonies of salvation, rededication and the outpouring of the anointing punctuates every meeting, fellowship, service and programme. One of the truths that the stupendous growth of Full Life typifies is that there are myriads of people in our generation who are still thirsty for the genuine presence of God.

Miracles know no bounds at Full Life Christian Centre; all manner of creative, corrective and curative miracles are on record. So far, it is no news that families and most individuals carry the life and slogan, “No Challenge” thereby making a “FullLifer” take a second look at you. A closer attention to the heart of the servant of God as seen in the prices and projections he is investing, clearly reveals that @45, this mission of God is just about to begin. Certainly, the glory of the latter days will exceed the former.

I make bold to say that Rev. Ntia I. Ntia is on fire and his miracle tool is God in a generation where devious elements tend to pervert the course of the gospel. He volubly preaches the pure word of God with astonishing clarity and his multi-dimensional ministration are backed up with irrefutable signs and wonders, punctuated with buoyant display of an excellent spirit, thus stirring men into the fullness of God.

Finally, for Reverend Ntia I. Ntia, pioneering the cutting edge generation, imparting and mentoring the move of God is no easy feat. Surrendering his entire life into it has been substantiated with tangible citations to which I say, no one can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!

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