Oron Federal Constituency 2019: ON Zoning We Stand


Oron Federal Constituency 2019: On Zoning We Stand
In a meeting convened today 8th July, 2018 by a former chairman of Mbo Local Government Area and Director General of Ubong Michael Ntekim Campaign Organization, Rt.Hon. Alex Nyong, Oron federal constituency stakeholders on the platform of the APC insisted on the prevailing zoning arrangement.
Setting the ball rolling, the DG said the meeting had a single agendum which was charting the way for quality and equitable representation in Oro.
According to him God in His infinite mercies had established natural zoning in Oro since 1999 with Urue Offong/Oruko doing two terms, followed by Okobo which also did two terms of eight years , and now it was only fair that Mbo completes its two terms. “Denying Mbo a chance to complete its turn is asking Mbo to exit the Oro nation, considering the opposition it had recently with a shot at the Ahta’s stool,” he added.
Introducing the aspirant, the DG described him as not an outsider but an integral member of the inner working of Oro politics for more than twelve years, and who has laboured for Oro politics in the past and therefore rightly deserves to be asked to represent the people of Oro.
He went down memory lane to remind the gathering how in 2015 Oro delegates abandoned a cause they had vowed to defend with their blood at the slightest sight of a million naira. “when the disciples wanted to replace Judas Iscariot, they took one of them. We have a chance to replace a Judas, Ubong is one of us,” he submitted.
Ubong Michael Ntekim who is aspiring to represent the Oron Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the forthcoming 2019 General Elections began his presentation by saying that Hon. Robinson Uwak took the Oro cause to an enviable height during his four years stint in the House of Representatives, but was alone and that in the last four years, nothing has been built on the foundation that Hon Uwak laid.
According to him, “if we can get the right synergy between the Senate, House of Representatives, and our four State House members, we can put Oro on the path to sustainable development. I am therefore aspiring to clean up the dirt that has gathered on Uwak’s foundation and lay visible blocks of development on them. With your support, I will make us proud, try me”
Barr Effiong Abia, in his reaction said that Ubong Ntekim is a true Oro son and capable of handling any task that Oro nation can assign to him. He called on all to support Ntekim, who he said has shown enough commitment to serve Oro.
Hon Victor Attih Okpo on his part said,
“Politics is a dynamic science that has changed in size, space and time.What is true is that Oron Federal Constituency in 2019 belongs to Mbo. Mbo people have to present their consensus APC aspirant to Oro nation and then they are sure of retaining the last four years of their turn. Those who want to throw spanner in the wheels of Oro development should take heed or be consumed by the wind of change sweeping through the Oro nation.”
Prince Anwana Ikott who also spoke opined,
“We left PDP because of impunity and imposition, we shouldn’t continue with it in the APC.Oro used to be known for truth and unity, but today we are beginning to tilt towards backbitting and betrayal.” He admonished those gathered to shun lies, tricks and disloyalty in the name of politics, and thereafter declared absolute support for Ubong Ntekim.
According to Hon Henry O. Henry “Those who have stayed away from today’s meeting are cowards who do not want to side with truth. Natural zoning has chosen Mbo for House of Representatives but they must bring a competent hand. Oro nation is capable of taking decisions for itself.”
Rt Hon Esu Asawana who had the floor next, said that Okobo was not known for taking bribes or twisting the truth for filthy lucre. He observed that Governor Udom’s faulty permutations had distorted zoning in Akwa Ibom State but thatbthe APC was set to correct the system with justice and fair play. “It is dirty politics to say that House of Representatives contest should be thrown open when history supports zoning and Mbo local government this time around, ” he concluded.
“Unlike others who are campaigning on social media and in their houses, Ubong Ntekim is the only one who has reached out to his electorates. Oro people should issue a communiqué to inform Oro leaders of Oro’s position. And it is unfortunate that Oro’s current representatives are neither seen nor heard in the two houses of Parliament. Such show of shame must stop” Hon Etim Asukwo submitted.
Hon. Emmanuel Inwang, widely known as Inwang Shagasha, fresh from attending Ntufam Hilliard’s thanksgiving said,
“Hon. Uwak did very well even though he was a much vilified young man. He gave us a good representation. Money is not everything. We must rise above it to chart a course for Oro’s development. We must decide to choose the best for Oro. We must choose with the good conscience that Oro people are known for ”
Mrs Ansa Ebieme, a former commissioner in Akwa Ibom State said that Oro women are ready to go in the direction that Oro elders will choose, provided the aspirant is competent and patriotic.
Also called upon to speak was Mrs Nkoyo Isong who said, “today’s gathering is a collection of the best cream of APC stalwarts in Oro nation. I am glad that Oro people have chosen Mbo to represent her in the House of Representatives.” She further advised Ubong Michael Ntekimto be ready for opposition as stars are usually opposed and vilified. She decryed the shameful culture of lies that is emerging in Oro politics.
Engr Kpahabia, a former Chairman of Oron Local Government in his opinion on the matter said, “I am for truth. I have assessed Ubong and he has passed the test. House of Representatives belongs to Mbo and it belongs to Ubong Michael Ntekim, and by the standard of what Oro is looking for, he is qualified to represent Oro in the House of Representatives.To the aspirant, I am voting you on the basis of zoning and intelligence. Don’t ever think of going for a second term, and we must stop two terms as soon as all the local governments have taken their turns. Eight years is too long for one local government in this matter ”
On his part Hon Effiong Effiong Antigha said that Okobo are ready to move in the direction that Oro will choose for itself, while Chief Itama Ekpe opined thus, “Oro must stop this perennial indecisiveness and choose for itself. Personally, I choose Ubong Ntekim ”
Arch. Otu Ita Toyo popularly called Total Chair rounded off the day saying,
“If today is about Ubong Michael Ntekim, then I have much to say about him. He is a young man who by dint of hard work has become successful. I am energized by his person. He is a man with sufficient acumen for success. On a personal level. He showed loyalty when some years ago I asked a political favour of him, which he did without qualms. I don’t dream often, but recently I dreamt that Oro was sinking and something had to be done urgently. Leadership is not bigmanism, it is about getting things done in a predictable and efficient manner. Leadership in Oro evolves and settles on any prepared individual. It is not by election or by virtue of position. In fairness, let the thing go round but let’s begin to understand the dynamics of what we want. We must sit down and agree on with we want. We must begin to love again in Oro. It is love that will give us the capacity we are looking for”
A roll call of some of the attendees include:
1. Chief Otu Ita Toyo
2. Hon. Emmanuel Iwang (Shagasha)
3. Hon Engr. Efretuei (former Oron LG Chairman)
4. Hon John Ita (Former Okobo LG Chairman)
5. Hon Effefiong Antagha (Former member, Okobo State Constituency)
6. Hon Asa Ebieme (former Commissioner of Education AKS)
7. Hon Victor Ati Okpo (Former Transition Chairman Udung Uko)
8. Bar Effiong Abia (former Commissioner LG & Chieftaincy Affair)
9. Hon Alex Nyong (Former LG Chairman Mbo)
10. Prince Anwana Ikott
11. Hon Ini Essang
12. Rt Hon Esu Asawana
13. Hon Henry Henry
14. Hon. Nkoyo Ulo
15. Hon. Itama Ekpe
16. Bar. Ekpo Ntekim
17. Hon. Ime William
18. Hon. Prince Joe Otok
19. Eteka Ulo
20. Etim Asuquo
21. Rt Hon. Cyril Bassey

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