– How to make N50,000 without referring anybody


Just like Ultimate cycler, PayCycler ( is a peer to peer  fund raiser where you donate 12,500 and get paired automatically with four persons that will pay your N12,500 each.

How It Works

PayCycler is the first to introduce a no-referral system that pays. So far, many new platforms have come up and copied our style. Now watch it, as we change our style TODAY, many of them will copy. PayCycler leads, while others copy.

New PayCycler System

  1. Register on PayCycler.
  2. Pay ₦12,500 to the Cycler you are Paired with. (Please Call The Person before paying so that he/she will be aware and ready to confirm you once he/she gets alert).
  3. You will be paired with 2 Cyclers to pay you (without referring anyone yet). If they don’t pay you, you can request for two new people by clicking I have Not Received Payment 6 days after you were paired or 8 days (if the person clicked the upload button). If they paid you, then, you now have a testimony that the system works, so you can go to the next step.
  4. Once your 2 Cyclers have paid and you have confirmed them, PayCycler will be waiting for you to refer 2 people. This is necessary so that pairing will be fast and efficient. Since you now have a testimony from your two payments, it will be easy to convince your friends. Please ensure those two referrals pay because it is ONLY if they paid and are confirmed, that the next step will be possible for you.
  5. You will be paired with 2 extra Cyclers to pay you (because of the people you referred). Once each one of them has paid and is confirmed, you will be cycled in (That means, one person will pay you soon).
  6. Once they have paid you, you can UPGRADE to the next level (Bronze) by clicking the UPGRADE button.
  7. Pay ₦25,000 to the Cycler you are Paired with.
  8. Repeat Steps 3 to 7 till you get to the PLATINUM level.
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Pay Cycler still works on a First-Come-First-Served basis, so the earlier you register the better for you. So if you have confirmed two people, start referring NOW! UPGRADE will Start on Wednesday, 18th January, 2017 by 8am, and will ONLY be available to those who have confirmed FOUR payments on their profile. If you have been paid by 3 or less, start referring people with your referal link (It is on your profile).

But if you are new here, register now by clicking the signup button at the top right (if you are using a PC). After Registration, login by clicking the Login button beside the Signup button at the top right and pay the person you are paired with.

If you are using a mobile phone, ensure you are using Chrome or any other Javascript-enabled browser. For mobile users, click the Menu box at the to right of the screen, then click Signup. Then login also by clicking the login button at the top right.

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